Class III Buying Guide

Owning a class 3 weapon (machine gun / suppressor) is relatively simple. There are several rules and regulations that individuals must comply with. They are very simple and one should not be intimidated by paperwork. The hardest part of purchasing a Class III weapon is the wait time. ATF approval can take anywhere from 3-12 months.

You will need to make a choice between three avenues before purchasing your Class III weapon. This will decide how your Class III item is registered. We recommend option 1 if you plan to let anyone else use your Class III weapon.


  • Advantages

    1. Anyone listed as a trustee in the trust can be in possession of the suppressor

    2. A revocable trust can be changed at any time without notifying the ATF

    3. You only need to create the trust once. The same trust can be used for all future suppressors or other NFA items (such as short barreled rifles)

  • Disadvantages

    1. Some initial work and cost is required to setup the trust. Many people create their trust using a do-it-yourself solution – or you can also talk to a gun trust lawyer who will set it up for you.

    2. In some states, a trust needs to be registered with the state – although that is not a requirement in most cases.

    3. A Form 23 will need to be filed for each additional trustee that includes their fingerprints and photos in addition to your own

  • Best for

    1. People with family members who want to share possession of the suppressor

    2. People who want to go together with friends on the purchase of a suppressor

    3. People who want more flexibility in the long run


  • Advantages

    1. You can avoid initial work required to setup a trust or corporation

  • Disadvantages

    1. Only you can be in possession of the suppressor (although, other people can still use it if you’re with them)

  • Best for

    1. People who just want to get the buying process started as simply as possible

    2. People who do not need additional people to have access to the item


  • Advantages

    1. Any officer of the corporation can be in possession of the suppressor

    2. If you already have a corporation, this can be easier than a trust since you will avoid the initial trust setup

  • Disadvantages

    1. You need to keep your corporation in good standing, which can be more work than a trust (which is basically a “create it and forget about it” process in most cases)

    2. A Form 23 will need to be filed for each additional officer that is listed on the corporation that includes their fingerprints and photos in addition to your own

  • Best for

    1. Anyone who already owns a corporation, and wants that corporation to act as the owner of the suppressor

Once you have decided which avenue, you are ready to make your purchase. Simply add the item you want to your shopping cart and purchase as normal.

When the order is received the distributor will send a Form 3 to the ATF requesting the item be transferred to us. The item cannot ship until this is completed, and usually takes 2-6 weeks for approval.

When the item is approved and shipped, you will set up a time with us to meet and fill out your Form 4. This form includes all your personal information along with the information on the Class III weapon.

Depending on which route you choose to register the Class III weapon. You will need to take the Form 4, current picture (we recommend passport picture), fingerprint card, and trust (if applicable) and mail it to the ATF along with a $200 check to cover the tax.

Once approved we will be notified by the ATF. We will then contact you to come pick up your Class III item!

Overall the process is not very difficult and requires little work on your end. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.